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Our objective is simple.  Better the environment.  Better the community. Better the way of life. 


Our mission at Buffalo Hemp co. is to develop a Hemp marketplace, supported by American Material and American Manufacturing, all the way from seed to shelf.


The vision for Buffalo Hemp Co. is to grow into every marketplace where hemp can improve and make a difference.


Our plastic products are biodegradable and non-toxic to our environment. Once our product is thrown away it’ll take about 180 days to biodegrade.  


Giving back is very important to us. We will be donating a portion of all profits to The SETH Group. 

Made in USA

Our Hemp is grown here by American Farmers. Our products are Manufactured here by American Workers. 

Tons of plastic floating in oceans
Years it takes plastic to degrade
Times stronger than polypropylene plastic
Days Hemp Takes to Grow

Eco Solutions

Of the 33.6 million tons of plastic discarded by Americans each year, only 6.5% of it is recycled. Our solution is to replace toxic, oil-based plastics with 100% biodegradable hemp plastic.
Limitless possibilities

Future Products

  • Sunglasses
  • Frisbees
  • Utensils
  • Containers

We look forward to making many plastic products that are your typical day to day items. We will be doing single use items like utensils, food containers, and water bottles. 

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Executive Summary

Buffalo Hemp Co. is proud to be environmentally friendly. Our goals are all achievable with the leadership and vision that this company has for a better future. We plan on eliminating harmful plastic waste. We look forward to keep building capital and to expand our product base to reach multiple markets. We don’t plan to do this alone. We will need your support and the community to come together and work to make this possible. Together we can improve life. Together we can save life. Together we will be the difference. 

-Matthew D. Mackintosh

Ready For Change?

Be The Movement

Actions do much more than words can. You can say you want to see more environmentally friendly products out there but it means more actually buying those products! The consumer will always dictate the market. What the consumer demands has to be answered for. So stop buying harmful toxic plastic waste and start buying hemp plastic products.  Regular plastic is made of non-renewable materials and is also not biodegradable. Meaning, when thrown out or “recycled” it will end up in a landfill that will keep expanding. The best material for this problem is hemp. Hemp has now been made into plastic. It is a renewable resource that is also biodegradable. There is no drop off in quality between the two. Hemp plastic can be made stiffer and twice as strong.

Hemp has many different uses. You can use it for food, nutrition, clothing, paper products, non-toxic household goods, construction, fuel, and plastic! It is a very environmentally friendly crop and has a ton of renewable resources. In addition, hemp breaths in 4x the carbon dioxide that trees do. 

It starts with you. The consumer. Start buying hemp food, cloths, plastics, and start getting that healthy lifestyle back into your life. 

A Better Tomorrow:

For every pair of sunglasses we sell, a portion of all proceeds will be going to the SETH Group. They are a nonprofit organization that is in needs of funds to publish their research. They have successfully killed and removed brain tumors using THC. They will need our support and will need our help. So by you buying a pair you are contributing to making the world better. 

Hemp Plastic Vs. Plastic

-Hemp Plastic Is Environmentally Friendly

-Hemp Plastic Is Bio-Degradable 

-Plastic Is Toxic

-Plastic Damages Our Environment


Our friends at Superego Clothing

"Superego, LLC is a lifestyle brand that promotes sustainability through quality hemp clothing and engaging multimedia." - Superego

We’re excited to be working with a great company who shares the same vision of a greener future. Use the discount code “BuffaloHempCo3” at checkout to receive 20% Off your total purchase. Link below.

Buffalo Hemp Co.

Matthew Mackintosh

Chief Executive Officer

“Don’t think outside the box. Think as if there is no box.”

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