Matthew Mackintosh

Founder & CEO


Matthew D. Mackintosh is the founder and CEO of Buffalo Hemp Co, a company that produces and sells biodegradable plastic made from hemp. Also goes by the name Denver. A name given to him from his football playing days that has just stuck over the years. Prior to Buffalo Hemp Co., he held a number of jobs. Always working his way up from the bottom. Coming from humbled beginnings that had it’s hard times and challenges, shaped him into wanting to pursue the American Dream as his father had. That the American Dream is your dream. His father’s American Dream was immigrating to America from South Africa and becoming an American Citizen, fall in love, get married, start a family, take care of that family, and give his kids everything he couldn’t have when he was younger. His father lived out his American Dream until he passed away from brain cancer at the age of 49. Watching his father and mother struggle through tough times had shaped him. His parents took the family on trips all over the world experiencing new things and different cultures. His parents wanted him to take away from it just how fortunate he was to be born in America. That America is a great country of freedom and opportunity. That you control your own destiny. Knowing this, he decided he wanted to make a difference in the world even if it was a small one. After attending Erie County Community College to pursue a trade skill in electrical engineering he transferred to the University at Buffalo to earn degrees in Legal Studies and Political Science. While studying there he came across hemp. And wanted to know why hemp was not being applied to the problems he was learning about in school or the problems he was seeing day to day around the world. Shortly after, Buffalo Hemp Co. was founded to take on those problems and make a change in the world. He also works closely with a non-profit, the SETH Group. They have been successful in killing brain cancer tumors, the kind that took his father’s life and the group’s name is that of his older brother that passed away.

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