Our vision is to help the US start reaping the benefits of hemp by manufacturing our own products again, growing a cash crop, and creating many new jobs in a variety of industries.

Our Top Missions

Our mission at Buffalo Hemp Co. is to develop a Hemp Marketplace, supported by American Material and American Manufacturing, all the way from seed to shelf. It’s an opportunity to reduce products from 100% fossil fuel dependency to 75%…50%…25%…0%. It’s our goal to solve many of the problems we face today. First step in doing so is our mission to reduce toxic plastic waste. We have a select few hemp plastic products to get us started. Soon, after a little growth, we will expand the plastic product line. Our next advance will be in building materials. We will begin building homes made from hempcrete for cleaner air, better insolation, and a better community. These homes will be very affordable. With this being one of our advances, we also want to better advance our local communities. Every home we build and sell, one will be built and donated to our homeless veterans. We will employ these veterans to help our mission and complete the Buffalo Hemp Co. Movement. With our homeless veterans off the streets, we will then begin to build homes in our inner city. With creative thinking, proper leadership, and little steps in the right direction, we will be creating a big impact on our communities, economies, and an even bigger impact on our planet.